The mission of the Boulder County Parents of Twins and More (BCPTM) is to support the special needs of families with multiples. We fulfill this mission by providing social events, mentoring, educational workshops, and opportunities to network with other parents. BCPTM creates an open, respectful environment to support the diverse needs of families.


BCPTM is a non-profit organization, funded by dues and fundraising efforts, that:

  • Provides information and emotional support to parents involved with multiple birth pregnancies and child rearing.
  • Educates parents and others who have direct responsibility and interest in the aspects of child development that relate especially to multiple births.
  • Provides a forum for members to meet and discuss issues involved with multiples, including family activities and outreach programs.

Support us by participating in our King Soopers Fundraiser!

For more information, contact us at or call 720-308-3151.