BCPTM ONLINE PRESENCE SECURITY POLICY We do not provide your information, for any reason, to anyone outside the club. Ever.

The purpose of BCPTM’s online community is to support our mission: to support the special needs of families with multiples through the use of social events, mentoring, educational workshops, and opportunities to network with other parents. The following guidelines shall govern the use of our online forum by the members of BCPTM:

(1)The subject matter does not need to be strictly limited to issues concerning twins or other multiples. Instead, members should look at Member Planet and our exclusive facebook group as a resource connecting similarly situated individuals and families in the Boulder County area.

(2)Topics not related to the care and welfare of children or families, pregnancy or home management/maintenance should not be posted.

(3)The sales and advertising of a BCPTM member’s personal used baby equipment, child or household related items are permitted and encouraged, and should be restricted to the ‘Classified’ section.

(4)The following types of forums/threads are strictly prohibited: a) Jokes, unless they are truly twin-related b) Chain emails c) Spam — repeated copies of the same message or incessant irrelevant posts. d) Political comments, political opinions or links to electoral sites e) Religious comments or any theological beliefs.

(5)Request for individual or business references is allowed and encouraged, but restricted to the ‘Services’ section of the ‘Classifieds.’ Members can respond to these references by posting a ‘comment,’ or replying directly to the posting member. Negative responses should be directed to the posting member ONLY.

(6)Members should refrain from any personal attacks or use of profanity but should conduct themselves with courtesy and respect.

(7)Club related activities or business is welcomed. Any posts by members that fail to adhere to the guidelines will be subject to removal immediately by the Moderator. The Member Planet Moderator for BCPTM will issue a written reminder to anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines. The Board reserves the right to remove an individual violating these guidelines from our online community.

In addition, you may wish to peruse the Member Planet Privacy Policy: