Big Sister Program

Expecting and new moms are encouraged to participate in the Big Sister program. A big sister is a volunteer in the club who understands the challenges of pregnancy and parenting multiples during the first year. She will be a direct contact for you throughout your first question-filled months. A big sister will also help you get acclimated to the Club, try to attend an event to meet you in person, and let the club know when your babies have arrived. Please indicate on your application form that you would like to participate in the Big Sister program and our Big Sister coordinator will contact you.

Bed Rest Support

As part of its support services, BCPTM provides a unique perspective on the challenges of physician-mandated bed rest. Many members have been through what can be a long and frustrating time, especially if other children are present in the home. The Bed Rest Coordinator can help facilitate contact between a new member facing this challenge and other members who have experienced a similar situation on mandated bed rest.

Breast Feeding Support

Is it possible to breast feed multiples? How do you do it?  The Breast Feeding Support Coordinator can help you learn what you need to do to breast feed your multiples. We have success stories, advice, referrals for lactation consultants, nursing pillows, and books to help you breast feed successfully.  We also can help if you are unable to breast feed.

Preemie Support

Twins and higher order multiples are generally at a higher risk of being born prematurely and at a lower birth weight. Fortunately, with the help of new technologies, preemies do very well and grow quickly. Our Preemie Support Coordinator can not only offer you support during these sometimes difficult times, but can also arrange to deliver a large quantity of preemie clothes for free. The clothes are donated by our club members and can be used until your children grow out of them; then we ask for them back so other members can use them too.

Special Needs Support

The Special Needs Support Coordinator provides information, referrals and support to families who have children with special needs or developmental delays. If a family is concerned their child or children may have a developmental delay, the Special Needs Coordinator can help families connect with the appropriate agencies and services.

Bereavement Support

The BCPTM offers bereavement support to families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, loss of one or more multiples in utero, neonatal and childhood death as it relates to multiples. We offer support locally and references for families specifically tailored to their needs.

GERD Support

The BCPTM is happy to announce that our support team has expanded to offer support to families who have children with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition in which stomach contents (food and liquid) leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus. The GERD support coordinator can help families struggling with the effects of this condition by sharing her first hand experiences as well as others’ wisdom on the subject.

Post Partum Depression Support